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Rio Rancho Girl Scout makes quilts to thank first responders

Samantha Foist

Samantha Foist's quest to earn her Girl Scout Silver Award was an undertaking that took her 90 hours to complete. Samantha says the idea for the quilts came to her when she was researching topics for the project.  She learned that many law enforcement officers leave the job because they do not feel appreciated. She recently presented the quilts to the police and fire departments.  They now hang at each department headquarters.  She hopes kids in her community will see these and be inspired to do the same. "So other kids can see how big of a difference they can make so they can get in the community themselves and start helping others," said Samanta.

Samantha will receive the Silver Award at a ceremony in November.  Click here for more on Samantha and her journey to earn her Girl Scout Silver Award.