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Camper Registration

Camp registration opening soon!

Girl Scout camp provides amazing opportunities for girls to not only develop and grow a love for the great outdoors, but to build courage and confidence all while meeting new friends!

Financial Assistance

At Girl Scouts, we believe that camp is for every girl. We are thrilled to be able to offer financial assistance in order to give more girls the opportunity to experience Girl Scout camp.  We call this assistance "Camperships".

To apply, simply fill out the  Campership Financial Assistance Form . A girl must be a registered member with Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails or another Girl Scout organization to qualify for financial assistance. All requests are confidential and private. To learn more about financial assistance for camp, events, or membership, click here.

Using Cookie Sale Program Vouchers to Attend Camp

Girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale are able to earn Program Vouchers that can be applied towards their balances for summer camp opportunities! The more cookies sold, the more vouchers earned!  The physical Program Vouchers must be submitted to council with your registration form or printed invoice to be redeemed.  Program Vouchers cannot be used to pay camp deposits and must be used by the expiration date.

Questions about using Program Vouchers? We’ve got your back.  Contact Customer Care and we’ll get it taken care of!

I've paid for camp in full!  Now what?

Review  the 2019 Camper Confirmation (coming January 2019).  

Complete all camp forms to be submitted at check in.  Camp forms will be available January 2019. 


COMING SOON! 2019 Camp Book, Registration & Forms
2019 Camp Book   
  • Camp Book online, flipbook through external link
  • Camp Book pdf (large file; may take a while to download)
2019 Camp Forms
  • Resident Camp Registration Form
  • Campership Application
  • Troop Camp Registration Form
  • Family Camp Registration Form
Important Dates

How to Register.  Follow these simple steps for your ultimate Girl Scout summer camp memories:

  1. Select your camp session!
  2. Fill out the Resident Camp Registration Form.
  3. Remember! If you register before March 31, you receive the Early Bird rate, so don’t delay!
  4. Not a Girl Scout? Register at now to make the camp registration process easier!
  5. Email, mail, fax, or drop off your completed registration form to GSNMT’s council office with a minimum deposit of $100 per camp session.
  6. Once your registration form is received and payment is processed, you will get an email confirmation with all required forms and important camp info!
  7. Fill out your forms! You’ll need a health history form, photo release, camper contract, and camper release form filled out and handed over to camp staff when your camper is dropped off at camp.
  8. Make sure you’re paid in full at least three weeks before your session starts to guarantee your spot.
  9. Pack for camp! Check your packing list twice to 
  10. make sure you bring everything you need.
  11. Head to camp. Take the bus, carpool, get a ride with your family--however you come to camp, we’ll be happy to see you!
  12. Enjoy Camp! Take pictures! Make friends! See nature!
  13. Go home a happy camper.
  14. Get ready to do it all again next summer!
2019 Resident Camp

The outdoors is calling--are you ready for adventure? Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails has not one, but two!, incredible summer camps ready to take your summer from “meh” to “a-mah-zing!” From the traditional summer camp experience at Rancho del Chaparral to high adventure getaways at Camp Elliott Barker, Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails has a summer experience for every girl.

Camp is a great place to make new friends, experience new challenges, and just be yourself. Camp is an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of our screen-filled lives and enjoy the wonder of being outdoors. To playing games and explore nature. To ride a horse and try archery and canoeing and ropes courses. To do things you don’t typically do everyday. Camp is a place to build courage, confidence, and character. Camp is for G.I.R.L.s: Go-getters. Innovators, Risk-takers. Leaders. 

Camp is for YOU!

2019 Equestrian Program
About the Equestrian Program

For the camper who loves horses, our New Mexico Trails Equestrian Program is for you! Our horse programs at both Camp Elliott Barker and Rancho del Chaparral have been re-calibrated to offer a more dynamic experience for campers of all experience levels.

Campers in each session will be placed in groups based on a skill level assessment determined by the Equestrian Director upon arrival at camp. Whether you’ve never ridden a horse before or you are a seasoned horsewoman, our well-trained staff look forward to working with each group to ensure lessons are fun and challenging. horses each full day of camp including mounted and ground lessons. Lessons vary based on the skills, progression, and interests of each group.

Campers need long pants, boots with at least a 1/2-inch heel, and shirts that cover the shoulders. Well fitted gloves are optional. Helmets will be provided at camp. Campers must possess sufficient physical coordination and balance to participate in riding. They must also be mature enough to understand and practice safety procedures, to use good judgment in reacting to situations, and to take responsibility for themselves and their horses.

Rancho del Chaparral Equestrian Program


Camp Elliott Barker Equestrian Program


2019 Leadership Program
About the Outdoor Leadership Program

The Outdoor Leadership Program series is designed for Girl Scouts ready to take on an active leadership position in an outdoor setting. Outdoor Leadership programs focus on developing leadership and outdoor skills and learning how to teach and lead camp activities like making a campfire, planning a cookout, leading songs & games, program creation, and the principles of Leave No Trace. Girls in this program often work alongside camp staff to help with all-camp activities or take the lead in girl-selected camp service projects. Girls also learn the basics of backcountry camping and go on an overnight camping trip.

2019 Troop & Family Camp
Girl Scout Troop Camp

Girl Scout Camp isn’t complete without Troop Camp! Troop Camp is offered at both Rancho del Chaparral and Camp Elliott Barker nearly every weekend of the summer. Your troop can select its desired level of programming: Bring Your Own Program or Choose Your Adventure!

These special sessions are open to Troops and their leaders. Safety Wise adults only. Please ensure your Troop has the proper ratios according to Volunteer Essentials. If your Troop requires additional adults for medical or behavioral reasons, please contact the camp director at 505.343.1040 to make arrangements.

No bus transportation will be provided to/from Troop Camp.

“Bring Your Own Program”

We provide food and lodging for your Troop, as well as evening activities (such as campfire). Your troop selects two camp activities led by our camp staff from activities like archery, arts & crafts, hikes, or outdoor cooking. The rest of the time, it’s up to you and your girls to design your program.

“Choose Your Adventure”

Bring your troop and we’ll do the rest. In addition to food and lodging, our camp staff provides a full day of programming options (minus a few hours to rest!) including arts & crafts, archery, hikes, as well as all your nighttime activities like campfire, barn dance, or counselor hunt.

Troop Camp Registration

Follow these simple steps for your ultimate Troop Camp memories:

  1. Select your Troop Camp session date and program: “Bring Your Own Program” or “Choose Your Adventure”
  2. Complete and turn in the the Troop Camp Registration Form before 
  3. Remember: Payment for Troop Camp is due in full at time of registration.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation packet via email with important forms for your Troop to complete.
  5. Work on your “Program Selection Worksheet” at a Troop meeting to plan your camp visit.
  6. Come to camp! Have fun!
  7. Go home a happy camper. 
  8. Plan for next summer!
Girl Scout Family Camp

Family Camp provides a great way for girls to get to know camp before they are ready to come on their own. Family Camp is also an awesome way to spend some family time together during the summer! You come to camp, we do the rest!

Family campers get lodging, food, and full programming for a weekend of stress-free fun. Adults are responsible for supervising their children during Family Camp. No bus transportation will be offered for Family camp.

2019 Day Camp

Day camp allows campers to experience the adventure of camp during the day while returning to the comforts of home at night.  This year, day camp will be offered at Camp Elliott Barker! 

2019 Big Clean & Open Houses

Spend a free weekend at camp and help us get ready for the summer! Come as a Troop, family, or as an individual adult and help clean the shelters, dining halls, put up tents, and generally prepare for camp! Lodging and meals will be provided. GSNMT will not be providing any programming or childcare services.

  • Rancho Spring Big Clean: May 24-26, 2019
  • Barker Spring Big Clean: May 17-19, 2019
  • Rancho Fall Big Clean: September 20-22, 2019
  • Barker Fall Big Clean: September 27-29, 2019

Plan to arrive by 5 p.m. on the first day of Big Clean and depart by 10 a.m. on the last day. Please call 505.343.1040 if you have any questions.

Come see our resident camp facilities for yourself! Visit our living areas, tour the camp property, meet key camp staff, get a glimpse into what camp life is all about! Registration is not required but is recommended.

All registrants will receive a confirmation with directions to camp.

  • Rancho del Chaparral Open House: 
  • Camp Elliott Barker Open House: