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Rancho del Chaparral

Rancho del Chaparral: a Traditional Summer Camp

Rancho del Chaparral has been part of the Girl Scout camp tradition in New Mexico for nearly 50 years. Rancho is located outside of Cuba in the Jemez Mountains in a forested area covered in ponderosa pine and mixed conifer on more than 1,100 acres. Girls will experience the beauty and wildlife as deer, elk, and a variety of native wildlife can be spotted near camp. Housing units include platform tents, adirondacks, and hogans with cots or bunk beds with mattresses. Each unit has a pavilion or shelter for group activities, a campfire circle, and a wash area with sinks and latrines. Meals are served family style at Casa Grande Dining Hall. Girls will explore Rancho’s creek and the Mystery Tree, visit the archery range, riding stables, do arts & crafts, go on trail hikes, and go overnight camping.

2017 Camp Information
Important 2017 Dates
  • February 1:  Camp registration opens
  • March 31:  Early Bird deadline
  • May 1:  Campership deadline
  • May 31:  Registration deadline
  • June 1:  Late registration
2017 Rancho Resident Camp

Resident camp sessions range from 4 to 13 days depending on program type and age group. Program descriptions are meant to give an idea of what your girl will be doing during her camp session; activities listed may be changed or modified as needed depending on weather, fire restrictions, or other conditions beyond our control. 

Girls will also have the opportunity to select their own activities and badge work as often as possible.

Read about our resident camp opportunities in the camp book online or click here for pdf pages from the camp book. 

2017 Rancho Equestrian Program
About the Equestrian Program

For the camper who loves horses, our New Mexico Trails Equestrian Program is for you! Our horse programs at both Camp Elliott Barker and Rancho del Chaparral have been re-calibrated to offer a more dynamic experience for campers of all experience levels. 

Campers in each session will be placed in groups based on a skill level assessment determined by the Equestrian Director upon arrival at camp. Whether you’ve never ridden a horse before or you are a seasoned horsewoman, our well-trained staff look forward to working with each group to ensure lessons are fun and challenging. 

All horse campers will spend time with the horses each full day of camp including mounted and ground lessons. Lessons will vary based on the skills, progression, and interests of each group. 

Campers will need long pants, boots with at least a 1/2-inch heel, and shirts that cover the shoulders. Well fitted gloves are optional. Helmets will be provided at camp. Campers must possess sufficient physical coordination and balance to participate in riding. They must also be mature enough to understand and practice safety procedures, to use good judgment in reacting to situations, and to take responsibility for themselves and their horses. 

See pages 16-17 in the camp book for details or click here for pdf pages from the camp book. 

Rancho Equestrian Program Descriptions

Pony Pals.  Days: 6 ☁ Cost: $425/$450   Grades 1-3

  • June 18-23
  • July 23-28

Days: 4 ☁ Cost: $250/$275   Grades 1-3

  • July 6-9

Get to know the horses of Rancho. Paint the ponies, take a ride in the arena, learn how to groom and feed the horses, participate in your favorite camp activities. (All riding levels welcome.)

Take the Reins.  Days: 6 ☁ Cost: $425/$450   Grades 4-6

  • June 25-30
  • July 16-21
  • July 30-Aug 4

Learn to take care of horses, learn about breeds, get to know your way around the barn, take a trail ride or two, sing songs, and do arts & crafts. (All riding levels welcome.)

Trailblazers.  Days: 6 ☁ Cost: $425/$450   Grades 7-9

  • June 11-16
  • July 9-14

Slide into the saddle and onto the trail. Spend time in the barn everyday, learn about tack and bridle, plan a lunchtime trail ride, relax in your bunk with new friends, and try your hand at archery. (All riding levels welcome.)

2017 Rancho Outdoor Leadership Program
About the Outdoor Leadership Program

The Outdoor Leadership Program series is designed for Girl Scouts ready to take on an active leadership position in an outdoor setting. Outdoor Leadership programs focus on developing leadership and outdoor skills and learning how to teach and lead camp activities like making a campfire, planning a cookout, leading songs & games, program creation, and the principles of Leave No Trace. Girls in this program will often work alongside camp staff to help with all-camp activities or take the lead in girl-selected camp service projects. Girls will also learn the basics of backcountry camping and go on an overnight camping trip. 

This program is based on the Girl Scouts of the USA Program Aide training guidelines with emphasis on outdoor skills. Girls who successfully complete Counselor-in-Training I and Wrangler-In-Training I will earn the corresponding pin and qualify them to volunteer as staff interns. For those interested in CIT II or WIT II programs, please contact the Camp Director at 505.923.2524 or

See pages 18-19 in the camp book for details or click here for pdf pages from the camp book. 

Outdoor Leadership Program Description

Outdoor Program Aid I.  Days: 6 ☁ Cost: $275/$300   Grades: 6-9

  • Rancho: June 11-16

Learn basic outdoor skills and how to work with younger girls. Plan and lead various activities including arts & crafts, songs & games, and service projects. Take an overnight camping trip to put your new skills to the test. Work with your fellow OPAs on team development and communication skills. Pin: Program Aid (PA)

Outdoor Program Aid II.  Days: 6 ☁ Cost: $275/$300   Grades: 10-11

  • Rancho: June 18-23

Work closely with camp staff to plan and implement program for younger girls. You and your fellow OPA IIs will take the lead by planning closing campfire and overseeing morning songs & games. Work on a service project or plan your entire overnight from menu to campsite selection. Learn about leadership styles and positive communication techniques. Pin: Program Aid (PA)

Counselor-In-Training I.  Days: 10 ☁ Cost: $400/$425   Grades: 10-11

  • Rancho: July 6-14 

Discover your leadership style while working side-by-side with camp staff. Practice teaching camping techniques to younger campers. Help plan and carry out a full day’s activities. Learn new songs and games and how to work with groups. Prerequisite: OPA I and OPA II (or equivalent*). Pin: CIT

Wrangler-In-Training I.  Days: 10 ☁ Cost: $400/$425   Grades: 10-11

  • Rancho: July 6-14 

Work with the barn staff and learn what it takes to care for our camp horses day-to-day. Practice teaching horse care techniques to younger campers. Help plan and carry out a ground lesson. Learn about tack work, arena maintenance, and trail riding. Prerequisite: OPA I and OPA II and horse riding experience (or equivalent*). Pin: CIT

2017 Rancho Troop Camp
Girl Scout Troop Camp

Girl Scout Camp isn’t complete without Troop Camp! This year, Troop Camp is offered at both Rancho del Chaparral and Camp Elliott Barker nearly every weekend of the summer. Your troop can select its desired level of programming: Bring Your Own Program or Choose Your Adventure! 

These special sessions are open to Troops and their leaders. Safety Wise adults only. Please ensure your Troop has the proper ratios according to Volunteer Essentials. If your Troop requires additional adults for medical or behavioral reasons, please contact the camp director at 505.343.1040 to make arrangements. No bus transportation will be provided to/from Troop Camp. Troop leaders will provide supervision to girls at all times.

Please Note: Troop camp is open to all Girl Scout troops in all levels, but some activities are restricted by age/grade level. All age restrictions will be noted in your confirmation packet.

See pages 26-27 in the camp book for details or click here for pdf pages from the camp book. 

“Bring Your Own Program”

We will provide food and lodging for your Troop as well as evening activities such as campfire, capture the flag, or a barn dance. Your troop will select two camp activities led by our camp staff from activities like archery, arts & crafts, hikes, or outdoor cooking. The rest of the time, it’s up to you and your girls to design your program.

Nights: 2 ☁ Cost: $65 per person

  • Rancho: June 30-July 2
  • Rancho: July 21-23
  • Rancho: Aug. 4-6
“Choose Your Adventure”

Bring your troop and we’ll do the rest. In addition to food and lodging, our camp staff will provide a full day of programming options (minus a few hours to rest!) as well as nighttime activities.

Nights: 2 ☁ Cost: $85 per person

  • Rancho: June 30-July 2
  • Rancho: July 21-23
  • Rancho: Aug. 4-6
Troop Camp Registration

Follow these simple steps for your ultimate Troop Camp memories:

  1. Select your Troop Camp session date and program: “Bring Your Own Program” or “Choose Your Adventure”
  2. Complete and turn in the the Troop Camp Registration Form before May 31.
  3. Remember: Payment for Troop Camp is due in full at time of registration.
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation packet via email with important forms for your Troop to complete.
  5. Work on your “Program Selection Worksheet” at a Troop meeting to plan your camp visit.
  6. Come to camp! Have fun!
  7. Go home a happy camper. 
  8. Plan for next summer!
2017 Rancho Family Camp

Family Camp is a great way for girls to get to know camp before they are ready to come on their own, or an awesome way to spend some time together as a family during the summer! You come to camp, we do the rest! Family campers get lodging, food, and full programming for a weekend of stress-free fun. Adults are responsible for supervising their children during Family Camp, with the exception of Sister/Buddy camp. 

No bus transportation will be offered for Family camp.

See pages 28-29 in the camp book for details or click here for pdf pages from the camp book. 

Family Camp Sessions:

Family Camp.  Time for everyone in the family to enjoy a variety of camp activities: grandma, grandpa, sister, auntie, mom, dad, everyone! At least one family member must be a registered Girl Scout.

Nights: 2 ☁ Cost: $65 per person (under 5 free)

  • Barker: July 21-23
  • Rancho: June 9-11

Just Us Girls (Me & My Gal). Enjoy a weekend with the girls hiking, making crafts, trying archery, or just taking in the sun. For a registered girl Girl Scout member and female family member (18 years or older): mom, auntie, grandma, adult sister, etc.

Nights: 2 ☁ Cost: $65 per person.  Barker: Aug 4-6

Me & You (Me & My Guy).  A special weekend for girl members and an adult male in their family (18 years or older): dad, uncle, adult brother, etc. Get ready for the ultimate chili cook-off and our annual staff vs. guys volleyball tournament.

Nights: 2 ☁ Cost: $65 per person.  Rancho: June 16-18

Sister/Buddy Weekend.  This new session is just for girls and their sisters (biological or otherwise). Make friendship bracelets, play gaga ball, lounge by the pond, attend a dance party! Girls must both be registered Girl Scouts; girls can register as Girl Scouts when they register for camp.

Nights: 2 ☁ Cost: $65 per person.  Barker: June 30-July 2