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2016 Camp Information

How do I register for camp?

Complete all questions on the appropriate registration form. PLEASE PRINT. There is a different form for INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATIONS (Resident Camp, and any programs where a person is signing up to attend on their own) and GROUP REGISTRATIONS (Troop Camp and Family Camp). If you are registering as an INDIVIDUAL you can list multiple camps and programs on the same registration form. Anytime you are attending as a GROUP please complete a separate form for each camp or event. A confirmation letter will be e-mailed to you after your campers registration is received and processed.

Check out the Camper Confirmation for your packing list, camp FAQ, and forms.


Checklist: What do I send in?

For different types of camp sessions, you need to submit different forms:

Resident Camp - Rancho del Chaparral

Applying for a Rancho Leadership Camp?  Also submit a Rancho Leadership Application.

Resident Camp - Camp Elliott Barker

Applying for a Barker Leadership Camp?  Also submit a Barker Leadership Application.

Rancho del Chaparral Troop, Family, & Big Clean Camps
Camp Elliott Barker Troop, Family, & Big Clean Camps
Santa Fe Day Camp

I’ve sent in my registration. Now what?  

We’ll email a confirmation packet to the email listed on the registration form as your registration is processed. The Camper Confirmation can also be found here. In the email there will be:

  • Check-in and Check-out information
  • Directions to Camp and information on applicable bus stops
  • A packing list
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Forms that will need to be filled out and brought to camp

2016 Camp Forms