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Cookie Sale

Cookie Wrap-Up

This year we had a GREAT cookie sale and we want to thank ALL of our Girl Scout Cookie Professionals! 

Who are the Girl Scout Cookie Professionals?  The GIRLS!

Take a look at all the amazing accomplishments girls made during the 2016 Cookie Program!

2016 Cookie Sale Contests

Walkabout Contest
National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Feb 26 – 28

Help us celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend by selling cookies the old-fashioned way: take part in a walkabout around your neighborhood! Greet your neighbors with Girl Scout Cookies, tell them some fun facts about Girl Scouts and share  “This is What a Girl Can Do” with troop proceeds. Get creative!  Take a troop/group picture in your uniform or favorite cookie tee and submit that photo for a chance to win a pizza party.  The picture with the most likes by March 27th will win a pizza party and a patch.  Post your picture to the GSNMT Facebook page between February 26th and March 1st.  The winner will be announced on April 15th.

Bling Your Booth Challenge
January 4 - April 23

The objective of this fun Bling Your Booth Challenge is to increase girl participation in booth sales.  Who can participate in this challenge? Council troops from all locations and ages.  In the 2015-16 cookie season, encourage your troops to participate in "Bling Your Booth" for a chance to be one of 25 lucky troops to win $250 toward reaching cookie goals! It's easy to participate. Check out the Challenge Guidelines and FAQs for all the details.  We have lots of great tools included with this promotion! #blingyourbooth

#gscookiegram Photo Challenge
February 26 - March 25

Cookie lovers across America are getting creative and snapping cool photos!  The objective is to increase engagement around Girl Scout Cookies.  Who can participate in this challenge?  Everyone! Volunteers, Girls, Council Staff and your customers.  Encourage cookie fans to take a creative photo or selfie using their favorite Girl Scout Cookie and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #GSCookiegram. Four winners will be selected to receive one case of Girl Scout Cookies of his or her choice.   Your Instagram page must be public.  It will not work if your page is private.

Get the Facts About Girl Scout Cookies!

Buying Girl Scout Cookies Does a World of Good

Did you know: 

  • GSUSA is a nonpartisan, inclusive organization. We are neither “red” nor “blue”; we are Girl Scout green! As a result of remaining nonpartisan and inclusive for over 100 years, we have been able to serve over 59 million girls, today serving 2.3 million girls in every zip code.
  • The Girl Scout workforce and volunteer network is as diverse and inclusive as our membership. Our employees are thoroughly background checked, but there is no litmus test for being a Girl Scout.  GSUSA does not discuss the private lives of its employees.
  • Do you want to know what Girl Scouts is really about? Ask a girl! She will enthusiastically explain her experiences serving her community, meeting new friends, and discovering scholarly or professional interests.
  • Do you want to know what selling Girl Scouts Cookies is really about? Ask a girl! She will enthusiastically share her goals with you!
  • The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the world’s foremost entrepreneurial experience for girls. The Program equips girls with a lifetime of special skills, such as financial literacy, goal-making, and people skills. This is not a political experience; Girl Scouts is proud to be a nonpartisan, inclusive organization.
  • The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a council-run business. Cookie proceeds stay in our council, and we have made decisions locally on how to run this business.  
So, where exactly does the cookie money go?

One hundred percent of the money that a council and its troops raise through the Girl Scout Cookie Program stays with that council and its troops. Again, let there be no question: all of the revenue from cookie activities—every penny after paying the baker—stays with the Girl Scout council. Girl Scout councils offer a wide variety of recognition items, program- and store-related credits, and travel experiences that girls are eligible to earn individually based on their sales. Girl Scout councils do not provide any portion of their cookie revenue to Girl Scouts of the USA.

Should people b concerned about where the money goes?

As we’ve made clear, absolutely not! Girl Scout cookie sales fund the amazing work that Girl Scouts do to improve communities nationwide—including yours. Through Girl Scouting, including our beloved Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls discover the fun and friendship that life holds, developing to their full potential and gaining values that will guide their actions along the way.

Why do some people voice concern about Girl Scout Cookies?

In short, it’s because they’ve been fed false information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, which frankly is nothing new. As such a large organization, Girl Scouts is occasionally a target for outside entities with clear agendas. A fundamental piece you should know is that Girl Scouts does not advocate one way or another with regard to what we perceive as private issues best handled by families. Personal matters are just that—personal and private—and should be addressed accordingly.

Should I buy Girl Scout Cookies?

For all the great reasons above, we certainly think so! Following a diet that looks less than favorably on sweet treats? You should know that Girl Scouts have the option of participating in a council-approved "Gift of Caring" program that allows them to collect cookie box donations for military personnel serving overseas. Ask us more about it!

Learn more about the Girl Scout Cookie Program at

Safety First:  How to Have Fun, Be Safe, and Keep Girl Scout Cookie Season about the Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts, one of the most visible and well-respected organizations in America, is sometimes unjustly criticized by fringe groups with a political agenda. There have been isolated reports of cookie sale boycotting, as well as some incidents of criminality, like theft. While Girl Scouts nationwide stand united in being undeterred by criminals or fringe groups, the safety of our girls and volunteers is priority number one. Harassment of any kind is intolerable.

Here are five key safety tips to ensure Girl Scouts and Girl Scout volunteers can sell cookies safely while having tons of fun:  Remember that it is all about the girls, Stay visible, Use the buddy system, Know the facts, and HAVE FUN!  Click here to read more about keeping girls safe during the cookie sale.

Safety First:  How to Have Fun, Be Safe, and Keep Girl Scout Cookie Season about the Girl Scouts!   (pdf)