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2017 Fall Product Sale

In 2016, 698 girls in 115 troops earned ~ $23,000 in troop profits through the MagNut sale this fall! 

The online sales portion increased: snacks were up 1977 (from 1201 in 2015) and magazines were up 1183 (from 913 in 2015).  The one month extension of the online sale generated an extra $11K in sales.

Our top seller was Mikayla from troop 310 with $1299 in sales.  The top troop was 10428 with $5,673.50 in total sales. Over 7 girls sold over $1,000 in product! This year, our hero cat mascot will be named after our top seller!

Congratulations, girls!!! 


MagNut, Our Fall Product Sale

Each fall, thousands of our Girl Scouts participate in the MagNut Program, selling magazines, chocolates, and nuts.  This program helps girls set and achieve goals at the beginning of the Girl Scout year by selling magazines, photo keepsakes, nuts and candy. This sale comes at the perfect time of year, since all of the products sold through MagNut make fantastic stocking stuffers and holiday gifts for family, friends, teachers, neighbors and anyone else on your list!


Why Participate? 

Like the Cookie Program, the MagNut Program helps girls to develop Five Skills they’ll use throughout their lives:  Goal setting, Decision making, Money management, People skills, and Business ethics.

Did you know:  troop profits average 15%-20% of their total sales.


2017 MagNut Dates

  • September 29: Order taking begins
  • October 22: Door-to-Door sale ends
  • November 30: End of online sales
  • Week of November 13: Nuts/candy are delivered to service units
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Magazine Gift Cards

This is for the supporter who wishes to purchase a magazine subscription for someone, but does not necessarily know what the recipient's interests are.  The supporter can purchase a gift card in denominations of $20, $25, or $50 and can choose whether to have the gift card sent directly to the recipient, or to have the gift card mailed to the supporter so that he/she can physically give the gift card to the recipient.  


Support an Organization

Supporters can support their favorite girl scout, and your council, by supporting one of four important organizations: USO, Save the Children, The Humane Society, and World Vision.  The $25 purchase price includes a $20 magazine subscription card and $5 in support of the organization designated by the supporter.  The magazine subscription card and donation check will be sent directly to the designated non-profit organization, who will then distribute the magazine subscription cards to those in need through their organization.  

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