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Outdoor Core Volunteer Training

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Sat Jun 09, 12:00 PM - Sun Jun 10, 12:00 PM
Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails

About Outdoor Core

Outdoor Core is a training weekend for new and seasoned Girl Scout leaders and volunteers to gain the skills needed to plan and prepare for an overnight, outdoor adventure with your girls. Learn the basics of camping including tent site selection, meal planning, gear preparation, outdoor cooking, and Leave No Trace principles.

You will also spend time discussing the Girl Scouts outdoor progression to help you organize outdoor activities with your girls from getting outside to hiking to cooking out to camping! You will leave with the skills you need to lead your Girl Scouts to adventure in the great outdoors.

Who can attend: Registered GS adults and their immediate family members (also must be registered Girl Scouts) Cost: $5 per adult

Training Dates and Locations:

June 9-10 GSNMT Council Office
July 21-22 Camp Elliott Barker
Aug 4-5 Bluewater State Park
Aug 25-26 Navajo Lake State Park
Oct 6-7 Sumner Lake State Park