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Across America, there is a growing gap between males and females in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails has identified the STEM initiative as a significant area of focus for the council by partnering with organizations, schools, and funders to bridge this gap.  In 2015, GSNMT provided STEM programming to over 3,000 girls through school, community, and Girl Scout events this year. The STEM initiative is designed to encourage girls to explore science ideas and topics. By delivering engaging and fun STEM activities we hope to give girls the unique and fun experience that many career scientists have, which would put them on the path to a career in science. 

Innov and create 6-2017

Innovate & Create

6th-12th grade girls

About Innovate & Create: The Innovate & Create Camp is an engaging two-week STEM experience in Santa Fe this summer. Each week features a different theme that bridges art & technology in fun and innovative ways. This year, two weeks of Innovate & Create will be offered in Santa Fe at the New Mexico History Museum. All 6th-12th grade girls are welcome!

Attend Week 1, attend Week 2, or attend both! Week 2 builds on week 1 - we encourage you to attend both weeks for some amazing innovation and creation fun!  Limited space is available, register soon!

Week 1, July 10-July 4 (10am-4pm):

  • Printing press & typography
  • Create a script
  • Explore audio & video editing
  • 3D printing, paper circuitry, and more!

Week 2, July 24-July 28 (10am-4pm):

  • Intro to electronics, STEM, & circuitry
  • Animation, flipbooks, & stop motion
  • Behind the scenes at the Santa Fe Opera
  • Electronic textiles!

Cost: $100 per week for Girl Scout members. Not a Girl Scout? You can still attend! Just register for membership along with registering for this event. Registration deadline is 1 week prior to session.

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Girl Scouts' approach to STEM is unique because:

  • STEM experiences are framed within the context of leadership: As girls participate in Girl Scouting, they develop leadership skills to make the world a better place. Research shows girls are more interested in STEM careers when they know how their work can help others.
  • The Girl Scout Leadership Experience engages girls through the three Girl Scout processes of: girl-led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning.

Here's how these processes provide quality STEM experiences for girls:

  • Girl-led: Even when a girl has an interest in STEM, she might find that boys take the lead in a school environment due to unspoken assumptions about gender roles. Girl Scouts offers a safe, supportive place for girls to seek challenges. The girl-led process encourages girls to decide which topics they want to explore and how they want to go about it.
  • Learning by doing: Research shows that, particularly with STEM, youth need to be hands-on, active learners. The learning-by-doing process encourages this approach. In addition, Girl Scouts' learning-by-doing process involves a reflection step that asks girls to think about how a given activity worked and what they would do differently in the future—a key skill in scientific testing and conducting experiments.
  • Cooperative learning: In general, girls prefer a collaborative leadership style, rather than the traditional, top-down, "command and control" approach. The cooperative learning process gives girls the opportunity to develop leadership and STEM skills in a way that might feel most comfortable.

"I think some girls don’t like science because they don’t think  it’s something girls should do. They think science is a boy subject. But, I’m a girl and I love science and seeing how things work."

                                                                        - Sarah, 8 year old Girl Scout