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Girl Scouts Recycle Right ABQ!

Recycle Right ABQ

Have you seen our Girl Scouts on the Recycle Right ABQ billboards yet?  We've seen them at Lomas and Easterday AND 4th and Los Ranchos!  

All of the girls who were picked for the billboard were chosen because of their interest in sustainability and had or are participating the Recycle Right ABQ campaign through various efforts.  Great job ladies!

Troop 10607
Makayla (Daisy)
Lindsey (Brownie)
Aleah (Junior)
Elizabeth (Cadette)
Troop 10032
Jenna (Senior)
Leah (Cadette)
Alesha (Brownie)

Have you seen the Recycle Right ABQ billboards in your community?  Share your photos and locations with us at  [email protected]!