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Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails Partner with Dions

Dion's is teaming up with the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails. 

People can now purchase Girl Scout cookies at Dion's restaurants in New Mexico.

Rebecca Latham, CEO of Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails, said she wanted to try to do something different since girls could not do in-person sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Latham said she reached out to the CEO of Dion's, and he responded positively-- saying he's a sucker for Samoas.

After discussing logistics, a partnership was born. 

"The great thing about the revenues that are generated from this, the proceeds from these sales, they go into our Opportunity Fund, and that's where we give scholarships to girls and volunteers who just need a little extra help with the Girl Scout leadership experience," Latham said.

"We saw something with another Girl Scout council that had partnered with a pizza chain, and so I posted it on social media," Latham said.

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