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For Cookie Sellers

When you sell Girl Scout Cookies, you're doing more than helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun). You're doing it with a goal in mind—a goal to power new, unique, and amazing experiences for yourself and your troop all year long!

Whether that goal is an unforgettable trip to an exciting new place, a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) project that will change the way you look at the world, or an opportunity to attend Girl Scout camp and make a lifetime of memories, you know how many boxes you need to sell to make it happen. 

But did you know that you're also part of something even bigger—something thousands of awesome girls nationwide who are just like you are part of too? That’s right. When you participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, you’re part of the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world—and that’s kind of a huge deal! Having the opportunity to run your very own cookie business gives you skills essential for success today and in the future:

   Goal Setting

   Decision Making

   Money Management 

   People Skills

   Business Ethics 

Need some help getting started? Check out all the amazing resources that make it easy to sell more boxes of cookies this year than you ever thought possible!  

 Have a Great Girl Scout Cookie Story to Share? 

Have a parent or troop leader submit it today for a chance to see your story featured in our Powered by Cookies gallery, on the Girl Scout BlogFacebookTwitterInstagram, and more—so cool! 

Got an awesome, press-worthy cookie story on your hands? As we gear up for another incredible cookie season marked by showing the world what a Girl Scout entrepreneur can do, send your incredible story directly to [email protected].  

Jan 23 Get excited, it's time to place your initial orders! Troops will have until midnight on Jan. 25th to get their initial orders in eBudde!
Feb. 11-15 It's cookie time! We will have various locations around council for you to pick up your cookies!
Feb 20 YAY! Cookie cupboards are officially open!!!
Mar  1 Time for cookie booths!
Mar  5 $2 for every cookie box from your initial order is in the bank… thanks to you!
Mar 24 Last day of the cookie sale
Mar 28 Final rewards should now be submitted in eBudde by midnight!
Apr  2 Alright! 100% of cookie money is now in the bank! 
Early May Hooray! Girl rewards are now being shipped to communities!
June 1 750+ Event at Cliff’s!