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What would a Girl Scout summer be without camp? Girl Scout camp season in New Mexico is just around the corner, and Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails is preparing for over 1,500 campers this summer! We believe all girls deserve the very best opportunities for physical and emotional health and safety, economic well-being, education and extracurricular activities. Girls face unique challenges in the world and Girl Scout camp is a great way to help them grow!  


Our two camps, the iconic Rancho del Chaparral and high-adventure Camp Elliott Barker are our Council’s biggest treasures. Each summer, we offer programs and activities like rafting, hiking, horseback riding, archery, ropes course, photography, painting, rock climbing and canoeing. 

Camp is a special place away from the world where girls can really challenge themselves to conquer their fears and limitations. Please join us in investing in girls and their futures by providing an amazing, relevant camp experience for all girls throughout New Mexico.

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Our camps need your help! Our Rangers and volunteers do the majority of camp maintenance, clean-up, grading and repairs. Our camps and much of our equipment are over 45 years old!

In addition to investing in quality programming and camperships (helps girls who need financial assistance to attend camp), your donation will help us buy some new equipment, perform repairs, and keep our camps in tip-top shape for years to come!

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Giving at one of the levels suggested below helps to support facility improvement, equipment, camp programs, and camperships:

  • Make New Friends Level:  $50.00 (A $50 donation would fix an amphitheater bench or buy art supplies)
  • S’more Level: $250.00   ($250 helps us to seal and paint a covered wagon at Rancho)
  • Ponderosa Level: $500.00 ($500 could provide a new canoe or archery targets)
  • Campfire Level: $1,000.00   ($1000 could help provide ropes course maintenance or new tent canvases)

We appreciate your consideration!  Anything you give helps New Mexico girls become all that they want to be! 

Support the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails today: 

Thank you for your support!