Camp Re-Imagined: Rocks, Trees, & Me
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Camp Re-Imagined: Rocks, Trees, & Me

Tue Jul 07, 9:30 AM - Thu Jul 09, 5:00 PM
At home & Online
K - 5
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Camp Re-Imagined is a way for girls to connect with one another and make new friends while learning skills and developing an appreciation for exploration... just like camp, but re-imagined!  To learn more, visit our Camp Re-Imagined webpage.

Daisies through Juniors will explore New Mexico specific wildflowers, trees, and what makes our sand shiny while learning how to keep our deserts, forests, and mountains healthy. Girls will earn steps towards their Eco badges.

Topics Covered:

  • Biomes
  • Learning about Tree Rings and Forest Health
  • NM Wildflowers
  • NM Trees
  • Basics of Geology, NM Gems & Minerals
  • Edible Plants & Foraging