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Media and Branding Guidelines

Media and PR Resources 

Girl Scouts have so many wow-worthy stories to share! Here are some resources to help you connect with local media and share how Girl Scouts are taking action in central and northern New Mexico.

Need to make a flyer? Design a poster? Share a Girl Scout presentation? We’ve got you covered.  Check with your Regional Manager for a customized recruitment flyer.  

For additional requests, contact the Director of Communications and Marketing.


Servicemarks & Trefoils

  • Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails Servicemark
  • Girl Scout Servicemark - Black on white
  • Girl Scout Servicemark - Green on white
  • Girl Scout Servicemark - White on green
  • Girl Scout Trefoil

Brand Checklist

If you’re making your own flyer, form, or other piece of Girl Scout material, follow this easy checklist to make sure it matches our Girl Scout brand:

  1. Three colors: All Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails materials should use three main colors: black, white and Girl Scout green! You can tell if it's Girl Scout green by the hex number (#00ae58), rgb number (r0 g174 b88), or PMS number (355).
  2. Servicemark: Is our servicemark in the top left-hand corner of your document? If so, great! If not, please add it.
  3. Full Name: Instead of shortening our organization's name to GSNMT, please use our full name—Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails. This helps people recognize our organization and limits confusion.
  4. Font: Please use Arial for all your Girl Scout communications!

Image Safety Guidelines

In order to keep girls safe, it's important to know whether or not you have permission to use images of our Girl Scouts! Most currently registered Girl Scouts and girls who have registered for staff-led Girl Scout events give permission to use images taken at Girl Scout activities to promote Girl Scouting. However, an Image Release Consent form is needed for images of non-Girl Scouts taken at events.