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Volunteer Essentials

Have you ever wished that all the answers to the most common questions about Girl Scouts were all in one place? Volunteer Essentials is for you. Volunteer Essentials includes information about programs, badges, meetings, cookies, council procedures, understanding your girls, your leadership role, and more.

Volunteer Essentials is your guide to volunteering with Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails.   

Connect with Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails  |  Council Governance   |  We Are Girl Scouts  |  Who Can Join Girl Scouts—and How?  |  Girl Scouts’ Organizational Structure  |  Meeting with Girls for the First Time  |  Using Safety Activity Checkpoints  |  Understanding How Many Volunteers You Need  |  Following the Girl Scouts Safety Guidelines 

Understanding Your Role as a Girl Scout Volunteer  |  Your Responsibilities  |  Your Volunteer Support Team  |  Taking Advantage of Learning Opportunities  |  Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails Adult Training Courses  |  Knowing How Much You’re Appreciated 

What Girl Scouting Does for Girls  |  Fun with Purpose  |  The National Program Portfolio  |  Getting Started with the National Leadership Program through Journeys  |  Putting It All Together  |  Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails Initiatives  |  Girl Scout Traditions and Celebrations

Arranging a Time and Place for Girl-Led Meetings  |  Understanding Healthy Development in Girls  |  Creating a Safe Space for Girls  |  Recognizing and Supporting Each Girl  |  Promoting Fairness  |  Building Trust  |  Managing Conflict  |  Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails Formal Grievance Process  |  Inspiring Open Communication  |  Communicating Effectively with Girls of Any Age  |  Addressing the Needs of Older Girls  |  When Sensitive Topics Come Up  |  Working with Parents and Guardians  |  Using “I” Statements  |  Arranging Meetings with Parents/Guardians or a Friends-and-Family Network  |  Creating an Atmosphere of Acceptance and Inclusion 

Knowing Your Responsibilities  |  Responsibilities of the Volunteer  |  Responsibilities of Parents and Guardians | Responsibilities of the Girls | Transporting Girls | Product Sales Program Safety  |  Computer/Online Safety  |  GSNMT Social Media & Graphics Policies |  Approaching Activities  |  What to do if...  

GSNMT Financial Policies and Procedures  |  Establishing an Account  |  Closing an Account  |  Switching Troops  |  Money-Earning Basics  |  Understanding the Girl Scout Cookie Program  |  Our Council’s Role  |  Knowing Where Proceeds Go  |  The Girl/Adult Partnership  |  Preparing for your Girl Scout Cookie Booths  |  Cookie Donation Programs  |  Handling Product Complaints  |  Using Online Resources and Social Media to Market Cookies and Other Products  |  Collaborating with Sponsors and Other Organizations  |  Helping Girls Reach Their Financial Goals  |  Reviewing Financial and Sales Abilities by Grade Level  |  Additional Group Money-Earning Activities  |  The Opportunity Fund  |  Application Process

Requirements for Becoming a Troop Leader  |  Taking Over an Existing Troop  |  Getting Started  |  Get to Know Your Resources  |  Decide on a Troop Meeting Place and Time  |  Holding a Parent Meeting  |  Forming a Troop Committee  |  Holding Troop Meetings  |  Letting Girls Lead  |  Looking at a Sample Troop Year  |  Reengaging Girls  |  Legal Issues

Traveling with Girls  |  Using Journey and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting in Their Travels |  Seeking Council Permission  |  Involving Chaperones  |  Letting Girls Lead  |  Staying Safe During the Trip  |  Reengaging Girls