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Were you a Girl Scout? 

Since 1912, women’s lives have been positively influenced–sometimes even transformed–by their Girl Scout experience. Whether you are one of the 50 million women nationally who were Girl Scouts, including Brownie Girl Scouts, or you were a volunteer or staff member who worked at the national or local level to help Girl Scouts reach their full potential, you are forever connected to a rich and vibrant movement.

If you were ever a Girl Scout in any area of the country and now reside in central or northern New Mexico, we want to reconnect with you!



Reconnecting with Girl Scouts will allow you to:

  • Learn what Girl Scouting is doing today to help girls grow strong;
  • Hear from current Girl Scouts about their wonderful projects and adventures;
  • Connect with other former Girl Scouts in the area;
  • Join Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails for Alumnae events and activities, including camp.


Join Our Alumnae Association

It’s free and easy to return to your Girl Scouting roots. We will keep you up to date with our events. Connect with Girl Scout alumnae on Facebook