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From 1961 to 1968 the Girl Scout Archaeological Unit conducted surveys and excavations in the Jemez area. The group operated out of the Eliza Seligman Girl Scout Camp and worked mostly in the Vallecitos area. They were organized by Bertha Dutton, and supervised by Vorisla Bohrer. Among the excavations they conducted were those at LA 5917, a small Vallecitos phase pueblo near Paliza Campground; and at Boletsakwa (LA 136), a very important historic refugee pueblo dating to the 1680s, with some earlier components. *
The Sangre de Cristo Girl Scouts used Hyde Park Lodge from the early 1950s to 1960.  It is still referred to as the Girl Scout Lodge by alumnae that met with their troops there. In 1998, after extensive remodeling and restoration, the Lodge was made available for use by visitors to Hyde Memorial State Park.  **