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Your next adventure awaits at one of our beautiful Girl Scout camp properties!

Our council has two fun-filled camp properties:

Each camp offers unique experiences and are special places where campers can test the boundaries of their comfort zones and grow into G.I.R.L.sTM!

Girl Scout Camp is not only about gaining outdoor skills and friendships - it’s about helping girls discover who they are and exploring the world around them. At camp girls realize that anything is possible…and that their next great adventure is just around the corner.

Our two properties are also available throughout the year for members and guests to enjoy—you can host a retreat, camporee, workshop, family reunion, or special event! Whether you want a rustic, back-to-nature experience or all the comforts of modern amenities, we have the perfect location for you.


In the off-season, both camps are available for rent for all events including, but not limited to troop and service unit gatherings, company retreats, family reunions, and vacations.

Monetary Gifts


When you give…

you help us keep camp operating and/or fund things like...


A one way bus trip; a new horseback riding helmet; new arrows; a new life vest; new propane stoves


Basic program (arts and crafts) supplies; a new recurve bow; a new ropes course harness; new backpacking stoves


A new tent; a new compound bow; training for one person to run the high ropes course; new bookcases or shelves;


The average amount awarded to people requesting camperships; new backpacking backpack; cost to train one staff in wilderness first aid; Cost for one person to participate in the rock climbing and rafting for MACH 1;


Round trip bus fare for 25 girls; one new child sized saddle; a new zip line; new archery targets; one kit and labor to renew fiberglass on the canoes; a long range 2 way radio and charger


Food service for one week; a new canoe or kayak; one winter weekend camp; new cots and mattresses


The cost for one horse for the whole summer (rental + feed); replacement zip line; one river rafting and rock climbing trip for 12 people; one domestic summer camp counselor; a new platform tent and fly


One international staff member for the entire summer; one ropes course inspection (done annualy);

Special Opportunity

$1000 - Keep our girls afloat by purchasing a new canoe!  Personalized with a name of your choice up to 15 characters including spaces.

$1750 - Keep our girls cozy by buying a new tent canvas and rain fly!   Personalized with a name of your choice up to 30 characters including spaces.

$3000 - Keep our girls riding off into the sunset by sponsoring a horse!  Covers the cost of rental, feed and care for the summer season.  You get to pick a name for them and we will send you a picture of your special horse. 

Physical Donation Needs - Summer Camp 2019
  • Empty containers, clean with labels removed
  • Glass jars with lids, all sizes
  • Pill bottles with lids
  • Film containers with lids
  • Soda bottles, 1 liter and 12 oz
  • Newspapers and kid appropriate magazines
  • Duck tape
  • Masking tape
  • Lunch room trays
  • Medium and small white basins (like the ones used in your sink)
  • Binoculars and spotting scopes
  • Instant or digital cameras for photography lessons
  • Portable photo printers and paper
  • Birding, wildlife, and plant identification books specific to NM or the Southwest
  • Long range, 2 way radios with chargers
  • Backpacking stoves and tents
  • Large blocks of candle wax
  • 550 paracord
  • Army style cots
  • Gently used western or English tack (halters, bridles, saddles, saddle pads, breast collars)
  • Gently used boots
  • Gently used power tolls (electric drills, saws, etc)
  • Child or teen backpacking backpacks
  • Gently used canoes or kayaks and life vests
  • Gently used bows and arrows
  • Disposable plastic table clothes (or wash and resuable!)
  • Arm chairs
  • Loveseats, preferably with pull out beds)
  • Twin bed seats and frames
  • School type lockers
  • Square cube shelving units

Items we CANNOT accept as donations

  • Used climbing equipment of any kind
  • Used helmets of any kind
  • Regular camp style cots
  • Air mattresses

If you’re looking to donate an item that is not listed and want to make sure that it is needed please contact the Camp Director.

Volunteer Needs

Looking to volunteer at camp? Great! We gladly accept volunteers in four areas. All volunteers must have a current background check on file or be willing to submit to one.

  • One off volunteers: provide a few hours of programming in a specific area
    • Ex: knowledgeable in astronomy? Volunteer to teach a 1-2 hour lesson using our observatory one evening a week.
  • Weekend Volunteers: join us Friday evening through Sunday morning to provide general support in different program areas. We would love to accommodate you if you have a specific program you’d like to support or will work with you on what your strengths and interests are.
  • Regular Session Volunteers: come for 6 days at a time to provide general assistance as a counselor or member of the barn staff.
    • Prior knowledge needed to volunteer in the barn. Volunteer must be able to manage themselves while catching, leading, grooming, tacking, and while riding at the walk and trot.
  • Work Projects: work alone or assist one of our Rangers on a current work project. Projects may include: general maintenance, trail maintenance, repair of buildings, creation of benches or structures, or other projects on an as needed basis.

And, of course, join us at all of our Big Clean weekends!

  • Camp Elliott Barker - May 17 - 19, 2019
  • Rancho del Chaparral - May 24 - 26, 2019

So that we may keep accurate records, please fill out our In Kind Donation Form and provide a copy to us with any donations (monetary or physical). The form will require a staff signature, so please indicate the name of the staff person involved. You may choose to use the form for your taxes.

Send or deliver completed forms to:

Molly Garza

[email protected]

4000 Jefferson Plaza NE

Albuquerque, NM 87109