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Safety in Girl Scouting

In Girl Scouting, the emotional and physical safety and well-being of girls is our top priority. Safety Activity Checkpoints outlines the Safety Standards and Guidelines used in Girl Scouting, which apply to all Girl Scout activities. 

All volunteers should review the Safety Activity Checkpoints manual when planning activities with girls in order to manage safety and risk in Girl Scout-sanctioned activities. 

2019 Safety Activity Checkpoints

In Safety Activity Checkpoints, you’ll find:

  • Girl Scout Activity Safety Standards and Guidelines with requirements for adult supervision, permission slips, preparation, field trips and overnight trips, transporting girls, and other vital information 
  • Activities that are not permitted by GSUSA, and actions that girls and volunteers should not take
  • Policies surrounding chartered aircraft trips and aviation
  • First-aid and overall health information you’ll need from the girls
  • Standards for well-being and inclusivity, including working with girls with disabilities and ensuring emotional safety
  • A breakdown of specific activities—such as camping, internet use, and water sports—and their individual safety checkpoints 

Following the Safety Standards and Guidelines is an Activity-at-a-Glance chart which details two critical points to keep in mind:

  • Age-appropriate activities and participation by grade level
  • Whether prior approval from your council is required before girls participate in a specific activity

Knowing How Many Volunteers You Need

From camping weekends to cookie booths, adult volunteers must always be present to ensure their girls have fun and stay safe, no matter their grade level. 

Not sure just how many adults you’ll need for your activity? The helpful chart below breaks down the minimum number of volunteers needed to supervise a specific number of girls; councils may also establish maximums due to size or cost restrictions, so be sure to check with them as you plan your activity. 



Meetings & Events

  • Girl and Adult Health History Form
  • Parent Permission.  This form is now combined with the Health History Form.  Use every time your troop leaves its regularly scheduled meeting place for an activity.  Carry with you at all times.

Emergencies & Incidents

  • Incident Report Form: If there’s an incident at your meeting or event (injuries, disputes, etc.) submit this form within 24 hours.

Trip & Travel Forms

These forms are required for your next Girl Scout getaway!

  • Travel Packet
    • Authorization for Medical Treatment for Minors
    • Authorization for Medical Treatment for Adults
    • Permission to Travel for Minors

Insurance Forms

  • Additional Insurance. Use this form to request additional insurance for Plans 2, 3E, 3P, or 3PI.