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From left to right: Reverend Lynn Perkins (Church of the Holy Spirit), Rachael Herrera (Troop Leader, Troop 10253), Vikki Brown (Troop Leader, Troop 10570), and Clarissa Yatsattie (GSNMT Regional Manager).

Why Volunteer

Why Volunteer

Every day, Girl Scout volunteers make fun, friendship, and awesome new experiences possible for girls across the country. That's why in April (National Volunteer Month!), and on April 22, the party is especially big, as we celebrate National Girl Scout Leader’s Day. What can we say? We love Girl Scout volunteers the most! With love, patience, and a deep dedication to enriching the lives of girls everywhere, these incredible individuals give their time every day to mentor, inspire, and help girls discover the world around them and the spark inside of them. We are beyond grateful.

Thank YOU for your commitment to the Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails!


2020 Chile Awardees

 Troop 111   Troop 218   Troop 242   Troop 1054 
Troop 1089 Troop 1680 Troop 3222 Troop 3224
Troop 7080 Troop 10032 Troop 10068 Troop 10074
Troop 10082 Troop 10128 Troop 10141 Troop 10253
Troop 10284 Troop 10292 Troop 10338 Troop 10465
Troop 10546 Troop 10574 Troop 10578 Troop 10595
Troop 10598 Troop 10605 Troop 10606 Troop 10607
Troop 10609 Troop 10624 Troop 10637 Troop 10642
Troop 10652 Troop 10653 Troop 10655 Troop 10663
Troop 10664 Troop 10688 Troop 10689 Troop 10692
Troop 10699 Troop 10708 Troop 10729 Troop 10751
Troop 11680      

2020 Juliette Chile Recipients

Saya Bilobran Madison Casillas Sophia Casillas
Hailey Hendricks Lydia Hendricks  

It takes the community to make Girl Scouts successful.  

When Clarissa started working to build up Girl Scouting in Gallup, she knew it would take the community supporting her to make it successful. 

Vikki came to GSNMT looking for a troop for her daughters. Upon finding out there were no openings in her area, she stepped up to lead for her children. She recruited a co-leader and always accepts waiting list girls to make sure they have a Girl Scout home. Rachael, a Gold Awardee herself, now leads a successful multilevel troop in Gallup. She has been instrumental in running events to keep older girls active in Girl Scouts. 

The community has also stepped in to make sure that Girl Scouts had the space and local support to be successful.  Most notably this year was the support of Reverend Lynn Perkins with the Church of the Holy Spirit and Vince Alonzo with the City of Gallup Parks and Recreation Department.

Help Girl Scouts dream big.

Change-makers. Trailblazers. Explorers. We’re talking about Girl Scouts, of course, but we’re also talking about the people who become Girl Scout volunteers.

Just like the Girl Scouts they guide, volunteers lead with their hearts and bring a playful sense of curiosity to everything they do. Whatever their unique skills or interests, volunteers help Girl Scouts unlock their limitless potential and make a lasting difference in the world.

See for yourself how empowering it is to be a role model. Look for Girl Scout volunteer opportunities near you—whether you’re looking for short-term opportunities or to start a troop of your own, connect with your local Girl Scout council and start making an impact.


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