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Fall Product Program

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The Fall Product Program gives troops a chance to earn startup money for their Girl Scout year. They can use the funds they earn to enjoy new and exciting opportunities right away. Your family and friends can stock up on magazines, nuts, chocolate, candies while supporting your girl.

P.S. Fall Product makes perfect holiday gifts!

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The Fall Product Program is one of two Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails sponsored programs that combine educational activities with money earning opportunities for our troops. Girls develop important skills that they can use throughout their lives: goal setting, decision-making, business ethics, people skills, and money management.  

The nuts and candy are delicious and designed specifically for the Girl Scouts, and the magazine program is a great opportunity to renew existing subscriptions or suggest friends and family try out that new magazine they’ve been considering while supporting Girl Scouts.


2021 MagNut Dates

  • September 24: Order taking begins
  • October 17: Door-to-Door sale ends
  • November 7: End of online sales
  • Week of November 8: Nuts/candies are delivered to service units


What's New for 20201

We added two new products for girl delivery: Madagascar Vanilla & Honey Almonds and Honey BBQ Snack Mix. Don't forget, each year we have a new Girl Scout tin to collect!


Trophy Nut, our vendor for all our Fall Product Program products, has new online items for direct ship: Pretzel Party Mix in a Snowflake Pail & Everything Seasoned Cashews, just to name a few.

Shipping rates will be based on weight, zip code, expected delivery arrival, and type of shipment: nuts or chocolate.  Chocolates will be expedited to ensure they do not melt. Click here for nutrition information.



M2 Media Group

The M2 Media Group provides an online system for our troop volunteers and families. The system will go live for MagNut volunteers on September 17th and for families on September 24th. If you are a volunteer or family needing assistance with the online system, please reach out to M2 Customer Support. They can help families set up a girl’s online storefront, questions, or issues regarding customer’s online orders, or any issue related to M2OS. You can reach them by email at [email protected] or by phone at (800) 372-8520.  They also have a website for frequently asked questions

Click here to access the M2OS portal. 


Girl & Troop Rewards

Girls who participate in the sale can earn cool rewards featuring our 2021 theme “Rise Up” featuring our friend to the south, Jayda, the Emperor Penguin. We want girls to work together to earn cool rewards just like Emperor Penguins who work together to stay warm! Plus, coming back this year are the personalized patches! Troops will earn 15% of the troop sales. 


Check out our theme reveal from Jemma and Jayda, our 2019 and 2020 Top MagNut Entrepreneurs!

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Care to Share

The Care to Share Program is a great way for customers to give back to the community! Girls collect donations and each donation is credited to the girl’s sales. Girls earn the Care to Share patch by receiving 5 or more donations to support a Hometown Hero organization of their choice and deliver candy or nut items to that organization.

Hometown Heroes

Every girl can participate!

Every Girl Scout can participate in the Fall Product Program even if her troop isn't! Girls learn the 5 key skills, work towards earning their Financial Literacy badge, and receive awesome rewards for reaching different levels! Complete her 2021-2022 Product Permission Form today and then ask your troop leader how, or give us a call at (505) 343-1040.

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Fall Product Program Family Guide
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